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Pre-Sales Support From Your Solutions Consultant

June 27, 2007


Gerald Evans is a Solutions Consultant for Sprint Nextel in the Midwest Market. His area includes Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, the Dakotas, Iowa and Nebraska. Gerald supports Authorized Representatives, Embarq, Business Solutions Partners and Nextel Partners.
Gerald began his career with Nextel as a Direct Sales Representative in Tampa, Florida where he went on to become a Major Account Executive, specializing in data sales in the health care and real estate verticals. Another promotion sent Gerald to the Washington, DC area as a Senior Indirect Account Executive with data specialization. In the middle of 2006 Gerald was promoted to the Solutions Consultant team in Minneapolis.

The purpose of Gerald’s website,, is to provide a ready reference to the channels Gerald supports. From time to time check here for FAQ’s and answers regarding data and Third Party Applications. This site will continue evolving and will reflect your insights and actual situations encountered in the pre-sales support phase of our business. Gerald can be reached at 763-274-8685 or by email at You can also leave your comments and reflections here as well.

Handy Dandy Rebate form for the PPC 6700 (while they last!).

TAKE ADVANTAGE WHILE YOU CAN STILL DO SO!!! Your Link to the rebate form follows. ppc6700sp-200-rebate.pdf
The promo ends on July 15th.

Go Tangle-Free with MUZIQ(TM) by LG(R), Exclusively from Sprint, Offering a Truly Wireless Mobile Music Experience

Sprint and LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A., Inc. (LG Mobile Phones) today announced the upcoming availability of a new music phone that provides customers with the ability to quickly and easily experience music on the go – MUZIQ by LG. This innovative device comes packed with industry-leading features, including over-the-air song downloads, a 4GB microSD memory card slot and a built-in FM transmitter allowing customers to listen to their tunes wirelessly through any FM radio within 10 feet.
Operating on the Sprint Mobile Broadband network, MUZIQ by LG provides easy access to Sprint’s exclusive multimedia content. A successor to last year’s FUSIC by LG, MUZIQ by LG provides quick and easy access to Sprint-exclusive content, including:
Sprint Music Store(SM), powered by Groove Mobile, which allows users to browse and wirelessly download full-length songs directly to their phone from a selection of more than 1.6 million songs.
— Pandora Mobile, a downloadable application that provides personalized streaming radio by allowing customers to enter a favorite musical artist or song and automatically receive a radio station with songs that have similar qualities.
— Sprint TV(SM) with more than 50 channels of live television and on-demand video and audio.
— Sprint Navigation, powered by TeleNav, providing full-feature GPS navigation including voice and on screen turn-by-turn driving directions and more than 10 million business listings.
(Standard data charges apply to all downloads from Sprint.)
MUZIQ by LG offers multitasking capability that allows users to play music in background mode while also using the phone for text messaging or playing games. It also features advanced stereo Bluetooth(R) and a dedicated music button and camera button for quick operation.
“We are very excited to add MUZIQ to our portfolio of industry-leading music phones,” said Oliver Valente, Sprint’s senior vice president of product development. “This device reaffirms Sprint’s commitment to offer innovative music devices that enable customers to get music wherever they are and listen to music however they desire, whether that is through Bluetooth headphones, their car stereo or the device itself.”
MUZIQ by LG comes packaged with Sprint Music Manager, powered by Smith Micro, giving users the power to quickly and simply transfer, or “sideload,” unprotected songs from a PC to the handset via a USB cable. Provided on CD-ROM, Sprint Music Manager allows songs to be managed on a PC through an intuitive interface. The box also contains a 64MB MicroSD memory card and a USB cable.
“LG Mobile Phones is thrilled to introduce MUZIQ,” said Jon Maron, senior director of marketing, LG Electronics MobileComm, U.S.A., Inc. “MUZIQ is the latest innovation in mobile music technology and allows consumers to merge their love for music with a high functioning mobile handset.”
MUZIQ by LG is the first Sprint device to offer a microSD card slot capable of managing 4GB of memory – or up to 4,000 songs from Sprint Music Store. Additional features include a 1.3MP camera/camcorder with flash, PictBridge support for printing pictures directly to supported printers and Wireless Backup to quickly restore contact information if your phone is lost or stolen.
MUZIQ by LG measures 3.80″ x 1.94″ x 0.61″ and weighs just 3.14 ounces. MUZIQ by LG will be priced at $99 with a two-year service agreement. It will be available at Sprint retail stores, and 1-800-SPRINT1 on July 15. Customers can already register to be among the first to purchase MUZIQ by LG at
Customers purchasing MUZIQ by LG as a replacement for an existing mobile phone are encouraged to donate their current phone, battery and accessories to Sprint Project Connect. Donated equipment, regardless of make, model or service provider, will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner or refurbished and resold with proceeds benefiting K-12 education. More information, including a prepaid mailing label, can be found at

Here is some updated info on Telenav (a “Business” Brochure) and TelenavTrack (Pricing/Features Grid) from

Tim Haubenreiser at Telenav. We are all familiar with the benefits of Voice Navigation for individuals but businesses

will want to take advantage as well, especially when company supplied vehicles (or fuel) are in the mix! Spending less than $5 a week to get you to your next stop without getting lost, frustrated and wasting time is a sure fire Return On Investment (and then some!!)!

(And just a reminder…if the customer has a Blackberry with an Unlimited Plan or any other device with Unlimited Phone As Modem, they can add Telenav for just $10 more (about $2 a week) because they already have the data plan supplied!!)
If you don’t have a pricing grid and for the Telenav business brochure, just click on the following links. telenav-pricing-sheet.pdf nav-business-brochure_sprint.pdf

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