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Pre-Sales Support From Your Solutions Consultant

August 27, 2007


Gerald Evans is a Solutions Consultant for Sprint Nextel in the Midwest Market. His area includes Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, the Dakotas, Iowa and Nebraska. Gerald supports Authorized Representatives, Embarq, Business Solutions Partners and Nextel Partners.
Gerald began his career with Nextel as a Direct Sales Representative in Tampa, Florida where he went on to become a Major Account Executive, specializing in data sales in the health care and real estate verticals. Another promotion sent Gerald to the Washington, DC area as a Senior Indirect Account Executive with data specialization. In the middle of 2006 Gerald was promoted to the Solutions Consultant team in Minneapolis.

The purpose of Gerald’s website,, is to provide a ready reference to the channels Gerald supports. From time to time check here for FAQ’s and answers regarding data and Third Party Applications. This site will continue evolving and will reflect your insights and actual situations encountered in the pre-sales support phase of our business. Gerald can be reached at 763-274-8685 or by email at You can also leave your comments and reflections here as well.


On September 11th at the Sprint, Edina Headquarters, I’m hosting a Knowledge transfer/Training rally for the AR Indirect Team.

The schedule is as follows:

9:00am to 9:45am GPS Air Card with Pat Gearty Public Sector


10:00am to 10:45am Gearworks New Product with Mike Calhoun


11:00am to 1pm Lunch and Learn/Hands On Training on the 755p with Katie Adams of Palm

Please RSVP by August 31st! Email Jenni at:
Jenni NEEDS a number so she can plan for lunch.

If you have any questions please let her know.
I look forward to seeing you here.



The BlackBerry 8830 smartphone supports GSM bands 900/1800 to work overseas. The BlackBerry 8830 smartphone also provides customers with the SIM unlocked feature allowing customers to have options when they travel overseas:

One option is to use the Sprint provided SIM card offering a seamless customer experience. This means their BlackBerry 8830 will work overseas with voice and data, US mobile number, and BlackBerry email.

Another option is to use a prepaid SIM card from the destination country. This option will provide a local number overseas but will only provide data service, such as email, if the prepaid SIM has a BlackBerry data plan.

While competitors lock their SIM to their own network, Sprint is the only carrier to offer flexibility and choice to their customers by offering the unlocked SIM.

To continue learning more, visit the BlackBerry Partner Zone:

1. Go to

2. Enter your Self-Registration User Name: E-AM-CAR-SPR-SPRIN

3. Enter your Self-Registration Password: X2ce14

4. Click Next.

5. Create a New Learner Account


In more Sprint partner news, Taiwan’s High Tech Computer (HTC) plans to sell its branded 3G phone, the HTC Vogue, in the United States through the third largest carrier. The phone should be available by the end of September or early October, according to HTC. HTC’s Vogue, will be its first handset to carry its brand in the United States. The handset manufacturer said the phone also will carry Sprint Nextel’s brand. HTC is the world’s largest contract manufacturer of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile handsets by shipments. As part of its efforts to grow its branded products, HTC began selling the HTC Touch, a phone that uses touchscreen technology, in Europe and Asia in June. According to HTC, the Vogue is a 3G version of its HTC Touch. Rumors suggest the phone will be called the Sprint Touch.



How to:

1. Download the Connection Manager

o The Sprint Connection Manager Software is available for download on the Sprint web site.

o Using your desktop browser, go to

o You will be prompted for your operating system. Select the version used on your laptop (i.e., Windows XP)

o A list of downloads are presented. Select the version called “Sprint PCS Connection Manager for Phone as Modem/USB Cables” for download.

2. Install and Run the Connection Manager

o Run the installer program. As you progress through the installation process, make sure to select “BlackBerry Drivers” for installation. When the installer is complete, run the Sprint PCS Connection Manager program.

o When prompted to connect your phone, plug your BlackBerry into your laptop using the USB cable that came in the box

o Once you are in coverage the “Go” button on the main Connection Manager software screen should be enabled. Press it, and your laptop will be connected to the Internet in a few seconds.

When you’re finished, just disconnect from the network and unplug your BlackBerry device, powered by Sprint. It’s that easy!




Start up a new internet explorer browser page, go to, either create (My Sprint Account) or log in with the user name and password.

If creating an account, make sure that the customer sets up the account with the account manager rights, otherwise they will only be able to view and complete the consent form for their unit only, or it will not let them have access to the consent form at all.

Once logged in, up on the top left corner it will either show overview, account management, digital media, if it displays this then in in the same browser page that you logged into with the user name and password, erase the url web address and place the link for, it should launch a separate page and show the information for the page I sent to you a couple of minutes ago

Or it will show overview, account management and setttings and preferences, select setting settings and preferences. Down on the lower left hand corner there is an option for gps consent form.

If it gives you a page cannot be displayed then delete your cookies and temporary files.

Just in case you do not know how to do this: on a browser page go to tools, the internet options and the click on delete cookies and delete files. Then launch the new browser page and try it from there.

Then launch a new internet explorer browser and log in again, and then try the steps again.




Everything you wanted to know about Kyocera Routers!!!

Great product / Great price!!!

Businesses and Consumers are taking advantage like never before of the versatility that routers can bring to a office or home!

True story: A group of four “carpoolers” commuted daily from NW Indiana to downtown Chicago. All of them had laptops. They bought a router and a Sprint Aircard (by the way, Kyocera includes a “car adapter”) and while one drove, the other three worked during their 90 minute commute making what had been “downtime” into additional productive time!! When they got home, they no longer had to “log in” to catch up!

We have sold routers/aircards to limousine companies wanting to create “Mobile Hotspots” and construction companies wanting to supply high speed internet to construction trailers without waiting (sometimes weeks) for expensive phone/cable lines to be dropped. Many retailers have added routers/aircards to create “WiFi hotspots” as an additional inducement to frequent their location. And of course many many homes have bought routers for their homes to allow more than one family member to go online at the same time. (Check out this weekend’s Best Buy and Circuit City circulars which feature a full page of routers…THEY ARE POPULAR!!)

Kyocera routers will drive your Mobile Broadband $ale$!!!

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