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Pre-Sales Support From Your Solutions Consultant

December 7, 2007


Gerald Evans is a Solutions Consultant for Sprint Nextel in the Midwest Market. His area includes Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, the Dakotas, Iowa and Nebraska. Gerald supports Authorized Representatives, Embarq, Business Solutions Partners and Nextel Partners.
Gerald began his career with Nextel as a Direct Sales Representative in Tampa, Florida where he went on to become a Major Account Executive, specializing in data sales in the health care and real estate verticals. Another promotion sent Gerald to the Washington, DC area as a Senior Indirect Account Executive with data specialization. In the middle of 2006 Gerald was promoted to the Solutions Consultant team in Minneapolis.

The purpose of Gerald’s website,, is to provide a ready reference to the channels Gerald supports. From time to time check here for FAQ’s and answers regarding data and Third Party Applications. This site will continue evolving and will reflect your insights and actual situations encountered in the pre-sales support phase of our business. Gerald can be reached at 763-274-8685 or by email at You can also leave your comments and reflections here as well.



Here is an outstanding printable flyer that highlights Family Locator running on a “parental programmable” Sanyo handset that’s only $29.99. cs-famloc-ad-c-v08r.pdf

Parents shopping for the holidays can get their kids an affordable handset that will give them the security and peace of mind of being able to find their children, call them when they need to (or vice versa)and be able to effectively control the monthly costs!!!


Sprint Nextel: Is the other shoe about to drop?
Speculation fast & furious about provider’s WiMAX future
Telecommunications Magazine 12/05/2007


The speculation about what Sprint plans to do with WiMAX is spinning up to furious proportions today as news spread that the provider could spin off its service into another company.

A Bloomberg news report on Monday said that Sprint Nextel’s acting CEO, Paul Saleh, told investors that the carrier is studying the possibility of spinning off its high-speed WiMAX service to attract investors in hopes of reducing the cost of building a multibillion-dollar network by 2010.

Another news report by the Kansas City Star says the company is seeking outside funding to help pay for the multibillion-dollar network following the fall-through of its deal with Clearwire Corp., which would have allowed Sprint to share the costs of building a new national wireless network (see: Sprint Nextel, Clearwire terminate LOI).

Whatever the next step is, it’s clear that Sprint is under intense financial pressure. In October, CEO Gary Forsee stepped down at the behest of investors following a disappointing financial performance. With analysts predicting a less-than-stellar year-end report, investors are nervous about committing billions of dollars to the WiMAX project.

Saleh said that an internal group is looking at several long- term options, with a spinoff being just one. A “soft launch” of its WiMAX service is still slated for the end of this year in the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore area and in Chicago.

Joost: the facts: Click to download
YouTube is no longer the top site for music video
The Guardian (UK) 12/07/2007
Author: Chris Salmon
Copyright (C) 2007 The Guardian; Source: World Reporter (TM)

This time last year, MySpace was the undisputed champion of social networking sites. Now, chances are you and your friends have taken your virtual banter to Facebook. Even the web’s mightiest sites can tumble from grace when something better comes along.

Which brings us to Joost. When details of the on-demand web TV site were announced in January, tech bloggers began labelling it “the YouTube killer”. Created by the founders of Skype and Kazaa, Joost was to use ad funding to provide full-screen, full-length video content at broadcast quality, for free. The player was finally made available to download from in October. Since then, music has established itself as one of the site’s main draws. Browse its Music and Music Entertainment sections – the difference between the two isn’t clear – and you’ll find several dozen channels dedicated to bands, labels and genres, from tango to trance.

The quality of the official band channels varies enormously. Depeche Mode’s boasts that it offers “the largest collection of Depeche Mode videos”. In fact, it offers just one, for 2006’s Suffer Well. Hard-Fi’s channel is more comprehensive, with 40 videos ranging from promo clips to mini-documentaries and live recordings. You could watch much of it elsewhere on the net, but not with Joost’s impressive picture quality.

Freed from YouTube’s “maximum 10 minutes” rule, several bands have taken advantage of Joost’s ability to stream lengthy videos. At the official Oasis channel, you can watch a terrifically funny and revealing 40-minute interview between the Gallagher brothers and Colin Murray, originally made to accompany last year’s Oasis Best Of.

Much of Joost’s best music programming is on its more conventional TV-styled channels. For example, iConcerts features 12 episodes of London Live, a repackaging of big-name performances from Channel 4’s Album Chart Show. World music fans will find an abundance of treats at the Brazilian Music channel, where you can watch shows from Latin stars including Gal Costa and Tom Ze.

Joost’s ad breaks are a little annoying, but they are infrequent and brief compared with commercial TV. And that, ultimately, is Joost’s true rival. YouTube remains the definitive place for users to upload their own videos, but Joost might be capable of luring armchair viewers on to their PCs. It is, in both senses, 2008’s one to watch.



New Sprint Connection Manager now supports ALL Cards/Form Factors:
The newest version of Sprint’s Connection Manager Software is available for download. Please make sure your clients, partners and their customers are aware that the newly integrated software is available. The following devices are now integrated and available at

• Sierra: AC580, AC595, 595U, 597E
• Novatel: S620, S720, EX 720, U720, U727
• Pantech: PX-500

Operating systems available include – Windows 2000, XP, Vista. Macintosh will maintain its same operating system software for connection cards until the SCM release in 2008.

Product Management wants the opinion of You & Your Partners:

The Portfolio Management and Device Planning Team would like to give you the opportunity to provide feedback on our current data/connection card line up. This feedback is very important as we are continually evolving technology and introducing new connection cards that leverage our network and device capabilities. This survey is open to all ICMs as well as their respective BSP partners – so please distribute ASAP. The deadline for this survey is Tuesday, December 11th. The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete via the link provided by sending me an email.

Known Issue: HTC Touch not coming out of ‘sleep’ mode:


Customers report this device is going into “sleep” mode where the screen goes blank while not in use. When the customer tries to bring the device back into operation, no buttons or functions can “wake it up.” A soft reset is required to re-activate the device. Engineering states that the best fix will come in the form of the next software release – which at this time is unannounced for the

Contact Information
Gerald W. Evans
Solutions Consultant II

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