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Pre-Sales Support From Your Solutions Consultant

March 17, 2008


Gerald Evans is a Solutions Consultant for Sprint Nextel in the Midwest Market. His area includes Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, the Dakotas, Iowa and Nebraska. Gerald supports Authorized Representatives, Embarq, Business Solutions Partners and Nextel Partners.
Gerald began his career with Nextel as a Direct Sales Representative in Tampa, Florida where he went on to become a Major Account Executive, specializing in data sales in the health care and real estate verticals. Another promotion sent Gerald to the Washington, DC area as a Senior Indirect Account Executive with data specialization. In the middle of 2006 Gerald was promoted to the Solutions Consultant team in Minneapolis.

The purpose of Gerald’s website,, is to provide a ready reference to the channels Gerald supports. From time to time check here for FAQ’s and answers regarding data and Third Party Applications. This site will continue evolving and will reflect your insights and actual situations encountered in the pre-sales support phase of our business. Gerald can be reached at 763-274-8685 or by email at You can also leave your comments and reflections here as well.




Customers who were WM5 supporters since the beginning has had their ship come in w/ the newest software release of functionality at mobile broadband speeds from HTC. The launch of the newest software release is available for download as of March 10th via the HTC America website. The following are key Features of the software (as well as fixes to the previous Mogul software versions):

Adds the following functionality:
• EV-DO Rev. A upgrade from Rev. 0
• LBS (GPS) including Sprint Navigation (TeleNav)
• Added Java JSR179
• Add Task Manager for better home page user navigation

Fixes the following KI’s:
• Phone As Modem periodically disconnects via Bluetooth
• Text Messaging Scrambling with Symbols
• MSN Messenger erases content with power cycle
• Distortion when multiple parties are speaking

NOTE: Mogul users must upgrade their device by downloading the software to a PC and then connecting their Mogul to the PC using the USB cable. All current inventory is EV-DO Rev. 0 and WILL require an upgrade until re-flashed inventory begins to ship later this month. The link to load the new software is included below, but is also listed under the (via the Windows CE operating systems tab). This announcement IS confirmed in its most recent posting through SNC.



RIM has asked Sprint Indirect to offer the following package to their partners for survey of their customers for the benefit of highlighting those clients within marketing and newsletters from Blackberry in the coming year. In appreciation for the customer’s time and resources, RIM will provide the customer a choice of up to three (3) new Blackberry devices (8830/World phone [or] 8130/Pearl). Please review the information, contact your Solutions Consultant or your regional RIM representative for more details or information.


The following link & eFlyer highlights numerous business and consumer applications for use on both the 8830 & 8130 (Pearl) devices. In addition, the newest flyer for the 8130 at the $99 price point is included in the update. Other great application tips in this update include:

• Tips for using ‘Facebook’ w/ your Blackberry
• Download trial for Weatherbug
• Access to ‘Mobile Youtube’
• Updated information on the Blackberry device ‘trade-up’ program


What if you could have your own personal BES…to manage your personal lifestyle like you do at work? Manage your own policies…connect to your personal files, connect family calendars…leverage all of the benefits of Blackberry in the comfort of your own home? The following link will introduce the features/advantages and benefits of Blackberry Unite…coming soon on the Sprint network. Some aspects of this solution include:

• Management of business & personal lifestyles from a single device (calendars, pictures, music, tasks, etc.)
• Access to personal files/folders from your home computer when mobile
• Support for up to 5 users w/ up to 10 email accounts on a single device
• Manage & monitor and set policies for all services of each BB user (SMS, internet access, even phone usage, etc.) – just like the IT professionals

Mobile Email for IDEN users sunsets service:


For those customers who were using the virtually hosted email service (via Visto), that product is no longer marketed to iden customers and is not available for purchase via Digital Lounge or Nextel Wallet. Please have your customers currently using this application directed to one of our other e-mail solution products. Those users who once accessed their on line e-mail box by going to: can no longer access this site as it has been shut down on For customers who are still looking for support of the Visto product, they can utilize the website. For more details on this product decommissioning, please reach out to Kevin Houle (Product Manager – 303.889.2039).


In an effort to bring a consistent and collective message to the streets in precise fashion, the following internal link lists the company’s talking points, designed to highlight the feature/advantage/benefit practice in a 30 second tout of various wireless topics for Sprint services & its experience (for customers and employees), which include:

• Why Sprint Nextel?
• Simply Everything
• Nextel Direct Connect
• XOHM…and more


Customers get a packed newsletter from Sprint for March:

The following internal Sprint link highlights the best of the brightest updates about Sprints services, phones, plans and procedural changes. Some of the topics include the following:

• Simply Everything rate plans available
• Oprah’s Big Give sponsorship
• Ability to upgrade or activate your Sprint service on-line
• A brand new video message from Kathy Walker (CNO) on Sprint’s Network

The following link has been added below for your review –

The iPhone breaks on through to the business realm:

The following article speaks on Exchange Active sync and the iPhone. This entre into the business world for Apple (with a $100 Million dollar stipend for developers of the solution) will stand to compete with the likes of all major PDA & Smartphones (Treo, Blackberry, PPC). The integration to Microsoft’s Exchange Server environment (2003/2007), functionality will include the following features:

• Push capabilities (Email, Calendar, Contacts, Global Address Book)
• Security (WiFi w/ WPA security, Remote Handheld wipe, VPN [powered by Cisco] access, etc.)

The solution by Apple is in its trial (Beta) mode at present, but will gain some interest with those high-end business users who are world travelers, and who fancy the sexy mojo of the iPod brand

The following are ‘unofficial’ talking points for Sprint’s portfolio to combat the competition from Apple:

• Largest selection of Smartphones & PDA devices at competitive costs (Pearl, Mogul – under $200)
• Fastest Mobile Broadband Network (CDMA) over GSM/GPRS
• Partnerships with industry standard manufacturers (Palm, RIM, HTC, Motorola) for enterprise wireless mobile solutions (GPS, 3rd party applications, PAM, etc.).

Upcoming Trainings

Mobile Social Networking (FREE Webinar):

The online mobile networking community is gaining popularity in the wireless space. Virtual portals like LinkedIn, Facebook and others have added a level of value to both personal and business relationships that reach greater realms of the private sector of business. The following attachment is an invitation for you & your partners to join a live webinar (provided by Current Analysis Group) to discuss the current drivers and trends that this movement stimulates. Questions addressed in this segment will include:

• What is Social Networking?
• What are the drivers associated with SN?
• Who are the major players in this space?
• What are the implications for wireless carriers who join this community bandwagon?
• What trends are the most notable for future networking trends in business?

The webinar is March 19th and registration is free for all attendees. Please encourage your partners to broaden their perspectives on marketing and networking for business of today & tomorrow.


Contact Information
Gerald W. Evans
Solutions Consultant II


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