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Pre-Sales Support From Your Solutions Consultant

June 6, 2008


Gerald Evans is a Solutions Consultant for Sprint Nextel in the Midwest Market. His area includes Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, the Dakotas, Iowa and Nebraska. Gerald supports Authorized Representatives, Embarq, Business Solutions Partners and Nextel Partners.
Gerald began his career with Nextel as a Direct Sales Representative in Tampa, Florida where he went on to become a Major Account Executive, specializing in data sales in the health care and real estate verticals. Another promotion sent Gerald to the Washington, DC area as a Senior Indirect Account Executive with data specialization. In the middle of 2006 Gerald was promoted to the Solutions Consultant team in Minneapolis.

The purpose of Gerald’s website,, is to provide a ready reference to the channels Gerald supports. From time to time check here for FAQ’s and answers regarding data and Third Party Applications. This site will continue evolving and will reflect your insights and actual situations encountered in the pre-sales support phase of our business. Gerald can be reached at 763-274-8685 or by email at You can also leave your comments and reflections here as well.

Windows Mobile updates for Moto Q9c:

There is a new software update available via the following site – This update will upgrade your phone to Windows Mobile 6.1, which makes the Q9c the first Windows Mobile device in Sprint’s portfolio to offer WM 6.1. The benefits associated with the update include:

• Instant messaging-like texting (a.k.a., “threading”)
• Improved Internet browsing
• Simpler e-mail and Bluetooth setup
• New Home screen interface
• New Getting Started Center

Blackberry Universe Portal –

The BBUP is a single resource portal that gives our teams access to the most up to date information, tools, training (including Blackberry Certifications Programs) and resources. This new portal now replaces the former partner portal (Blackberry Partner Zone). Please use this link to register for all things Blackberry –

REMINDER: 5GB Data Limit addressed to IL customers (short term):

As Sprint has announced the limitation on data usage, this message has been associated, to date, with the IL consumer population (per communications from Sprint corporate). A formal announcement, communication and any changes to contractual documentation and/or disclaimers have not been finalized or announced for the CL business customers. This is said to be implemented in the month of July. Within the customer base, there are only less than 1% of our customers to whom this limitation would apply, so please make sure that your partners are addressing this with their customers. Make sure that your Solutions Consultants are involved in any opportunities that you have for CL business regarding applications that have heavy data requirements as a means to resource this requirement for a quality customer experience. Those situations that may require excessive data limits would need to be addressed via the Sprint contractual process (SPEF). The current limits for IL customer are 5GB of usage per month and 300MB of roaming. Accounts that exceed these limits over a 2 – 3 month period would be considered in violation.


Contact Information
Gerald W. Evans
Solutions Consultant II

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