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Iden Blackberry Curve 8350i

Iden Blackberry Curve 8350i

Every product launch is important, but this one is especially significant for several reasons:

We have added an impressive proof point to the iDEN commitment we announced on October 30. At that time, we definitively announced that Sprint will retain and rejuvenate the iDEN business. And now we’re sweetening our commitment with this powerful new full-featured smartphone.

We have yet another unique differentiator for Nextel Direct Connect. Sprint clearly is the industry leader for push-to-talk service, offering the most extensive product portfolio to millions of users of the Nextel National Network. The BlackBerry Curve 8350i raises our game to yet another level with a premium device that strikes a perfect balance between performance and usability.

We have put Nextel Direct Connect front and center as a value opportunity for business professionals. The BlackBerry Curve 8350i is ideal for business customers who want both instant communication and access to a variety of business applications. To cite one of countless examples, executives can use this powerful device to pull up XORA payroll solutions wherever they are, helping them to manage payroll on-the-go, control their costs and gain a competitive edge. This is push-to-talk value like they’ve never seen before – both in business and in personal life. Many customers also use its combination of multimedia and push-to-talk to stay in touch with family members, access news and entertainment, or engage in social networking.

The appeal of this product is confirmed by the many customers who pre-registered to buy after learning about its capabilities. As one of those customers told us, “It’s like going from a dinosaur to a Ferrari.”

Check out the unprecedented combination of capabilities, including:

– full QWERTY keyboard and convenient trackball

– push-to-talk features (including Direct Connect, Talkgroup and Group Connect)

– business applications (including e-mail, calendar and GPS navigation)

– embedded Wi-Fi capability (for fast e-mail and Internet)

– and many other features that smartphone users have come to expect (such as camera, microSD expansion and Bluetooth stereo).

As we say in our advertising, this is the “business guru” that many customers have been waiting for. We can all take pride in talking about it, especially with business and professional users. And don’t forget to mention these other reasons that our push-to-talk is so compelling:

– Nextel Direct Connect is the only push-to-talk service provided by a national carrier that offers sub-second call set-up.

– As a result of our investment of billions over several years, the Nextel National Network is performing at best-ever levels, with the fewest number of dropped calls in the industry.

– We plan to launch eight new devices on the iDEN platform in 2009, providing even more choices for both business and personal needs.

Let’s spread the news that the BlackBerry Curve 8350i has arrived!

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