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Novatel MiFi 2200 Know Issue Update

While the MiFi 2200 Mobile Hotspot is on the wall charger and when the device has been idle for approximately 30 minutes, the MiFi 2200 will stop broadcasting. Once this interruption happens, the affected clients are not able to detect the MiFi’s SSID, connect or utilize the Internet connection.
Action: Once the MiFi is in this state the power button must be pressed to resume operation.
Note: When the clients are in periodic communication with Wi-Fi it will not hit this idle state.
Root cause: This condition exists when there are no clients and/or traffic for approximately 30 minutes. Wi-Fi clients are disassociated after approximately 3 minutes of inactivity (by design) leaving the MiFi idle with respect to Wi-Fi traffic. A firmware issue was found where the MiFi 2200 is incorrectly triggered to go into Low Poer Mode (LPM) even though the default is “Never”. Once in LPM the power button must be pressed to resume operation.
A fix will be delivered with a future MR for the MiFi 2200.

Sierra Known Issue Work-around

Customers using a Sierra Mobile Broadband device that supports Sierra’s TRU Install capability (Compass 597, 598U, AC402) will experience an issue when upgrading from Windows Vista Service Pack 1 to Service Pack 2.
Device will go into “disk” mode and will prompt the user to initiate Sierra’s TRU Install; even though Sprint SmartView is already loaded.
Note: If the user initiated the TRU Install again, it would not change the state of the device from being in disk mode.
Users must do the following:
• Remove the device
• Uninstall the current version of Sprint SmartView
• Re-install the most current version of Sprint SmartView software:
o Go to
o Select Mobile Broadband Devices
o Find your specific Sierra Mobile Broandband device
o Download and install the most current version of Sprint SmartView for your device
• Re-insert device
• Launch Sprint SmartView and connect
This issue should only occur on Sprint SmartView versions older than V2.27. V2.27 will be available late 3Q 2009.

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