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Frost & Sullivan recognizes Sprint with the 2009 Award for Product Line Strategy in the North American Mobile Resource Management (MRM) Market. This Award is premised on the introduction of the company’s new TeleNav Vehicle ManagerTM solution.

Sprint has long been a pioneer in the handset-based Mobile Resource Management space, offering a broad assortment of MRM solutions from a variety of top-tier and emerging vendors. The carrier defines its MRM role as being a key enabler — uncovering customer needs, turning to its bench of best-in-class application developers to create appropriate solutions, and then providing the network and marketing support to put those solutions in customers’ hands. The February launch of Sprint’s TeleNav Vehicle Manager product is the direct result of this “catalyst” philosophy.

Sprint saw a void in the tracking solutions being offered to the Transportation industry, with no one offering a user-friendly combination of navigation, automated dispatch, fuel tax reporting, and fuel cost reduction in one product. Sprint approached two of its favorite vendors and worked with them to create a new hybrid MRM solution — TeleNav Vehicle Manager, powered by TurnpikeR. This solution combines the vehicle diagnostics and IFTA Fuel Tax filing capabilities of the Turnpike Global RouteTracker fleet product with the GPS-enabled navigation, tracking, wireless forms and wireless timecards of the TeleNav Track MRM product.

The Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Line Strategy is presented each year to a company that has demonstrated the most insight into customer needs and product demands. The recipient company should have optimized its product line by leveraging products with the various price, performance, and feature points required by the market.

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