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AdvanceTec Industries’ manufacturing, design and distribution to create “call smart” car kits Blackberry 8350i & Clutch i465.

Several years ago Motorola embarked on a multi-pronged “Drive Safe, Call Smart” campaign. They supported research and education to help people drive more responsibly. A major partnership in that effort was with AdvanceTec Industries in the development of technically sound and rugged hands-free cellular car-kits.

Motorola also had the foresight to see that many states, similar to California were going to place restrictions on use of the cell phone while driving. And indeed many states have gone down that path. In New York, for example, use of cell phones while driving has been banned, except in instances where a “hands-free” system is being employed.

The result is an industrial strength application of hands-free, which satisfies work requirements in the field where their iDEN phones & Blackberry’s have had their biggest customer base. Soon the Blackberry and Clutch phones will now have desktop and car-kit cradles that are as rugged as they are because of AdvanceTec Industries’ award winning engineering and design

This is where AdvanceTec enters the picture. Established in 1987, the Miami-based company has embraced technology, which allows the user to have a phone cradled in the car and still make and receive calls. Not surprisingly, Advance Tec’s products have a diverse user base, ranging from major metropolitan-area police forces, firefighters, Tow Companies and EMS teams to Fortune 500 companies.

Advance Tec’s cutting-edge research and development efforts have earned it the coveted C.E.S. “Innovations in Design and Engineering” award for three years and yielded a line of products that have gone on to become the technology and value standards in their categories. By continuing to take advantage of emerging technologies, AdvanceTec is setting the standard in the industry for excellence and performance at a fair and competitive price

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