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Wish the battery on your Android lasted longer? Are you using a power management app but not getting the results you’d hoped for?…..GOOD NEWS!!!

We just learned of a new, FREE app in Android Marketplace called JuiceDefender. It provides three different general settings (Balanced / Aggressive / Extreme) to significantly extend the life of your battery. Many users opt to use “Aggressive” that automatically shuts off connectivity when the battery reaches a predetermined level but will offer reconnection in a drop down if you use a function requiring an internet connection.

A software update to 2.201SP will be available for the Sanyo Zio starting on 5/9/11. The software update will be pushed to existing Sprint Sanyo Zio customers over a four day period.
This is a three part Software Update.
Customers will be required to download all three portions of the update to get their Sanyo Zio device to Android 2.2 (FroYo).
Customers should use WiFi if possible to complete the update.
The Updates Provide the Following To You:
1. 2.2 Android (Froyo, The latest Android Software)

2. Swype – The Swype function will be added allowing customers to use the keyboard functionality as an option when entering text. The customer can then simply tap and hold on any Text Input field then select Input Method > Choose Swype.

3. Sprint Zone 2.5.5

4. Sprint ID – Including improvements to the activation process of Sprint ID devices.

5. Improved Battery Life

What do these changes mean to our Business Customers?

While the Zio is primarily positioned as a consumer device, the upgrade to FroYo gives this Sprint ID device some business street cred. The ability to manage work and personal emails, and calendar while having Flash 10 experience for data usage adds value to this phone. The addition of Swype allows users to enter text swiftly, allowing emails to not only be read, but answered. That’s business mobility! Plus, the Zio came with Touchdown out of the box for greater EAS integration. The addition of FroYo merely makes this device worker better and faster.


Sprint’s multi-year Network Vision project is designed to enhance network performance, improve voice quality and coverage, provide faster data speeds, reduce network maintenance and costs, and maximize technology is under way.
Network Vision will create a single, multi-modal platform allowing us to leverage our various spectrum assets, Sprint, Nextel and WiMax. We will also gain network flexibility by moving to a software-based network vs. all hardware which will make future growth and updates easier.

1. Landline quality voice calls and faster data speeds are made possible by the new next-generation CDMA 1X Advanced technology

2. Increased coverage area due to stronger signals as our new base stations radios will have high power amplifiers located higher on the towers and closer to the antennas

3. 20-30% fewer dropped calls as a result of increased signal strength and coverage improvements

4. Improved in-building coverage when using 800 MHZ as those signals travel farther and penetrate buildings better.

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