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These are the main “enhancements” to be enjoyed by customers using the next generation of CDMA Direct Connect coming the second half of 2011…..

In addition to core one-to-one and group push-to-talk calling, here are a few other features we expect to deliver with the new devices:

o Guaranteed talk permit – the immediate assurance that when you hear the “chirp” your call connected successfully

o Single number option – the option of having one single number for both voice and push-to-talk calls

o Availability notification – the ability of a push- to-talk user to be notified when a subscriber is “available” for a push-to-talk call

o Simultaneous data + push-to-talk – ability to use data (i.e. check email, web surfing) at the same time as a push-to-talk call

o NextMail® – the ability to send a recorded message via email or text message to up to 50 recipients via the push to talk button

o LMR interoperability – ability to bridge audio between Sprint devices and radios via integration with dispatch consoles

Sprint unveiled in Dec. 2010 its long‐term network blueprint ‐‐ Network Vision ‐‐ to completely overhaul Sprint’s network(s) to take full advantage of cutting‐edge technologies and our spectrum assets. This monumental project will support the demands of Sprint customers and the future of wireless.
With these network upgrades, Sprint’s push to talk product will also evolve and expand. Therefore, in Q4 2011 we plan to launch Sprint Direct Connect® to deliver on the promises of this new technology with dramatically better coverage.

We want to continue to reassure our customers, that regardless of network, Sprint has the gold standard push to talk product and no one can match our portfolio of features, functionality, devices, and commitment.

As we transition our network over the next few years and launch more Sprint Direct Connect push to talk devices and features, we will work closely with our iDEN base of customers to help them make a smooth transition when the time is right.

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