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Sprint Nextel, the first wireless 4G service provider in the United States has emerged as a B2B market leader in the first quarter of 2011. The business market group in the Sprint Nextel takes pride in making a strong contribution towards the quarterly performance, which has in turn led the company to succeed as a B2B market leader. The Sales Team in Sprint Nextel has won several contracts by renewing others to provide 4G and by offering M2M solutions to all its business customers. There were 2 notable sales that have been signed off by Sprint this year. The extension of contract by VHA for a 3 year period has earned the company about $1.2 billion. Also, the company is also happy with its agreement with Commonwealth of Kentucky for providing a full suite of relay products.

In an effort of expanding its products for this quarter, Sprint Nextel has improved the productivity for all its business customers. The announcement of HTC EVO View 4G tablet is one of the finest examples for the company’s efforts in product expansion. The company also takes pride in announcing a Google 4G device by name Nexus 4G, Motorola i576s, a clamshell handset for field workers and an Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot for Sierra Wireless, a Wi-Fi enabled device that can connect up to eight users to a laptop and other devices.

Sprint Nextel has made announcements about its expansion of gold standard push-to-talk capabilities using the broadband CDMA network of the company. The company has also plans to offer push-to-talk handsets for workgroups and set up a new push-to-talk brand with the name Sprint Direct Connect.

In a recent interview, Paget L. Alves, President of Sprint Nextel called out that the company will continue to compete well in the market place and earn more new contracts by offering the best line of products and solutions and an excellent customer service.


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